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How to Taste Wine

How to Taste Wine

Uncategorized 🕔March 15, 2016 1 comment

We stumbled across an article today called “How to Wine Taste Properly”.

Funny. We didn’t realize it was possible to taste wine improperly. Unless, of course, your method is something like this…


Of course, that will still get the job done.

But we’re actually talking about how to get the most out of a wine tasting event or outing. Conde Nast Traveler interviewed sommeliers to find out what you need to know beyond sniff, swirl and sip. Their advice?

Go Hungry

If you must eat first, do so at least an hour before tasting. While a little something in your stomach might help keep the intoxicating effect of the wine at bay, the taste and smell of food can effect your experience. “Ideally, you would not want to eat right beforehand as it will have lingering effects on your palate and sense of smell… Of course, if you’re hitting multiple tasting rooms in one day, you’ll need to eat something. But just avoid anything with too much garlic, onions, capers, or anything with a lingering smell or taste.”

Ask for Something Else

The offered wines are rarely your only option, and wineries are willing to help you find something you’ll love. Not partial to your last sip? Ask for a different wine. And try to be specific… let them know you’d like to try something more fruity, or very dry, or with less tannins.

Don’t Skip the Crackers

We know… we just told you not to eat before a tasting. But the offered crackers will help clear your palate, especially if you’re switching between extremes like tannin-heavy reds to whites. And skip the cheese! It can effect the taste of wine, so stick to the crackers.


Spit it Out

You’re not at the bar, you’re at a wine tasting. The point is to taste as many wines as you would like to try… which can sneak up on you if you’re actually drinking all of it. Use the spit bucket. And if you aren’t comfortable with a shared spittoon, ask for a paper cup.

Ask Questions

As with the rest of life, there are no stupid questions. “You may not feel as knowledgeable as you would like to be about wine, but remember that all of the greatest wine professionals who have ever lived were in your shoes at one point. The point of coming to a winery is to taste and learn about the wine!” We think that’s excellent advice.

Choose Your Winery Wisely

We can help with that one. Come for a tasting anytime… or join us most Friday evenings for our “Fireside Fridays”. Enjoy our beautiful tasting room, our wonderful wine selection & delicious food specials from the Market Place. There is a wine to please every palate and an experience for every taste. Check our calendar for dates.


And if you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out another article we found. GQ offers “Scenes from Several Cellars: Alan Richman’s Rules for Wine Tasting”. A mild (pg-rating) language warning applies… but we sure got a chuckle out of it!

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