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How ‘Sip Savvy’ Are You Really? Part 2

How ‘Sip Savvy’ Are You Really? Part 2

Laurita Journal , Wine Science 🕔July 27, 2016 0 comments

Recently, we broke it to you that you might not know as much about wine as you think.

Perception influences the flavor of wine, so that if we believe it is more expensive or rare we get more enjoyment from it. We understand that now. We accept it, and we’ve learned how to work with it… And maaaybe we think that we still know a thing or two about wine. You, too, right?

Maybe not.


Let’s talk about one of the most basic things when it comes to wine… color.

Even if we’re not connoisseur enough to tell the same kind of wine apart by price, surely even the most fledgling wine lovers can tell red from white. Right? Sadly, along comes HuffPo to shoot us down again.

A 2001 study from University of Bordeaux held a taste test with 54 wine science students. Participants were given two glasses of red wine and instructed to taste, smell, and describe the wine. One small but important detail was kept from the students.


It’s true. One glass was white wine with a little bit of food coloring. Do you suppose the budding wine scientists, presumably more sip savvy than you or I, were able to discern that they’d been duped?


“Every single student proceeded to describe the white wine as a red! And mind you, these were no rookies, but trained wine science students in France! To describe the white wine dyed red they used descriptors like ‘jammy’, ‘cherry’ and ‘crushed red fruit’.”

Here’s one of the charts from the study, showing just how perception influences experience.



We’d just learned that the price tag on the bottle directly affects the way we taste wine. Now we learn that even people whose education is centered on wine can’t tell red from white without a color cue.

Still feeling like you know much about wine? Yeah… us neither.

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