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How Do Americans Drink Their Wine?

How Do Americans Drink Their Wine?

blog , Laurita Winery 🕔July 26, 2018 0 comments

From a glass!


Seriously though, OnePoll recently conducted a survey of two thousand wine drinkers on behalf of Jordan Winery, and we have some interesting facts they found, via the New York Post!

Wine is social!

Most people who enjoy wine were introduced to it by someone in their circle.

The most common way Americans get into wine is from a friend, with 30 percent reporting that’s how they originally tried it. One in five (21 percent) discovered it on their own, and 17 percent were drawn into wine by a partner.

We know what we like!

There are clear preferences when it comes to Americans’ tastes in wine.

Americans prefer their wine to be smooth (56 percent), fruity (48 percent), and sweet (47 percent), with Chardonnay being voted tops as the wine that Americans are drinking most frequently.

We know why we like it!

A quarter of those surveyed say they like wine better than any other alcoholic beverage, and the reasons are multiple.

Forty-six percent of all survey respondents think wine simply tastes better than other drinks, whereas another 43 percent say it better helps them relax at the end of the day.

And the reasons why wine is superior don’t stop there. Forty-three percent say it pairs best with food, and a third (34 percent) enjoy the health benefits that come with wine.

Wine is for homebodies!

Yes, it’s awesome to enjoy wine while out and having a good time. But that’s not the whole story.

They say home is where the heart is, but according to the study, it’s also where the bottle is, as 64 percent of Americans are more likely to drink wine at home rather than at a restaurant.


There’s a lot of other interesting information from the survey at the original article. Wine trivia, if that’s your thing. Click through, and read the whole thing!

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