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Have Wine, Will Travel

Have Wine, Will Travel

Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔November 5, 2017 0 comments

Sometimes ya just gotta go.

Whether it’s holiday travel, a vacation, or a work-related trip, sometimes staying at home in your comfy pants with Netflix and a bottle of wine just isn’t an option.

But… but… (you ask) what about my wine?!?

It will be ok. We’ve got tips, via LifeHacker, to help you pack that wine and transport it safely to your destination!


Wrap It Up

Skip the bubble wrap and other fillers. You’re packing clothing anyway, we assume.

I typically put each bottle first in a sock and then wrap it again with the thickest clothing I have. Think sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans… the thicker the better.

If the bottle is going to break, the neck is the likely spot. Focus on protecting the neck, and you keep the bottle safer.

Build The Wall

We’re not getting political here. When you’re trying to protect a glass bottle filled with liquid, you’re going to need a buffer zone. You do not want any part of any bottle touching any side of the suitcase.

I typically start by building a base on the bottom of my suitcase with a layer or shirts or other clothing I didn’t use to wrap bottles. Then you want to build a protective wall around the sides of your suitcase. Shoes work great for this. If you don’t have shoes, try rolled up shirts or pants.

Stack ‘Em Up

Pack your wine in the center of your suitcase, alternating bottoms and tops so the bottles are staggered.

Separate each bottle with additional clothing you have on hand. You want to make it as hard as possible for your bottles to touch each other.

Top It Off

The top of your suitcase is only on top when you have it flat and open. The rest of the time, the top is a side, so treat it accordingly.

Take all your remaining clothes and create a protective barrier for the top of the bag as well.

And now you’re ready. Whether you’re off on an adventure, returning from a trip to wine country, or running away from home, you can take your vino to go with no worries!


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