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Find the Humor in Wine Tasting

Find the Humor in Wine Tasting

News , Wine Weirdness 🕔April 30, 2016 0 comments

In the past, we’ve admitted that wine has at times been seen as the province of the elite… that sommeliers and their cork-sniffing customers can come across a bit snooty. We’ve gone as far as to share tips on how to taste wine properly, so as to avoid embarrassment.

Well today we’re laughing at all of that, and ourselves!

While we like to keep lighthearted about wine and our undying love for it, we can readily admit when we’ve been outdone. And oh, my! We’ve got nothing up our sleeve as amusing and endearing as what we found today!

The Daily Herald reports on Maryse Chevriere, a somm whose sense of humor may be rivaled only by her practical knowledge! (In addition to her position of sommelier at a high-end restaurant, she is a certified sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers program.)

While the rest of us read a wine description and imagine the taste, Ms. Chevriere reads the same and is artistically inspired. She has a delightful Instagram account under the name freshcutgardenhose, and fills it with sketches inspired by the descriptions she reads.

“I was studying for my certified exam and had recently watched the ‘Somm’ documentary… Looking through my phone, which is always full of wine apps, I came across a particularly fantastic wine description and thought, ‘I wonder what that would look like.’ So I started doodling and put it up on Instagram, and it became a great way not to study.”

Her account now boasts more than 2,900 followers, and it’s easy to see why. Here are a few of our favorites. (Captions are the original descriptions as read by Chevriere.)



“Lightning strikes a rose garden, blasts rain dampened earth in your face.”


“Black fruit, very grippy…”


“So damn good. Wet gray stone sitting on a pyramid of Meyer lemon, Granny Smith apples and lilies.”


“Berries. Berries. Berries. Like a wild bear who just stumbled upon a field of wild berries, just *barely* ripe and he ate a few… and then a few more and by the time he was at the end of it he was rolling around making jam in his field of wild berries, smashing them as he holds his tummy, screaming of a bellyache and glee simultaneously.”

And what just might be our personal favorite…


“@spume and @edanch and I are licking glaciers!”

Go and have a look for yourself! Wine should be about smiling, after all! And drop us a comment to let us know which you liked best! (We’re thinking after we’re done here, we’re going to go add another follower to her page!)

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