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Late Fall Fire Pits & Food Truck Festival!

Late Fall Fire Pits & Food Truck Festival!

🕔March 16, 2016 153 comments
  • November 12, 2016
    11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • November 13, 2016
    11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Please Note! If you purchased a group ticket pack, your Party does NOT have to arrive together! All they will need is the NAME on the ticket to tell the pre-paid admission booth attendant, we have you on the list for the number of tickets you bought! 

  • We ENCOURAGE you to bring your own chairs, blankets, tents & stuff!!
  • Dress WARMLY!
  • The Winery Building will be OPEN all day and night if you need to warm up!
  • Fire Pits are First Come First Serve, we cannot reserve fire pits!
  • We have Sangria and Wine Tasting is always available!
  • Fireworks are Saturday Night ONLY around 9pm!

Join the Event on Facebook for up-to-the minute information! 

An Important Note from the Owners!

*We’ve received the pre-sale numbers to date for this weekend and not surprisingly, there is a greater number of tickets sold for Saturday portending a larger turnout on that day compared to Sunday. Historically, this is typical of every food truck event at Laurita. Saturday is always busier than Sunday and our November food truck event, being the last one of the year, is generally the most well attended.

We have increased the number of food trucks to offer diversity and to shorten lines. We have strived to prepare and be ready to accommodate the crowds on Saturday. Yet we know that no matter what we tweak, improve, change, add, etc., the lines for food, wines and admissions will be shorter on Sunday.

Thus, we encourage those of you who have not yet decided, to consider Sunday attendance for it is often half that of Saturday. You are welcome to come EITHER DAY, or both days, we just felt we had an obligation to give you a heads up based upon the prepaid sales for each day. If you are presently holding Saturday tickets, we will honor those on Sunday as well!

We thank you for your patronage. We want your experience to be such that you will tell your friends and family, and return in 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ray & Randy – Proprietors



Saturday, November 12, 11:00-9:30pm!

Sunday, November 13, 11:00-8:00pm!

Fireworks Saturday Night ONLY Around 9:00!!

Event Admission fee $8 per person Saturday or Sunday. Kids 12 and under are free, children are welcome!

*Group Discount Ticket Packs are available ONLINE ONLY and will END at Midnight on Friday the 11th! 

Day-of Tickets are ALWAYS available at the gate! 

Admission includes:

  • Parking
  • Shuttle Service to and from the Event!
  • Souvenir Laurita Wine Glass!
  • Entrance to Event featuring LIVE Entertainment, Country Line Dance area, vineyard tours and of course over two dozen Food Trucks!
  • Kids activities including our huge playground, bounce house & face painting!
  • Space to accommodate thousands of guests without being crowded.
  • Some of the most scenic views in New Jersey!

Please Note: NO outside food or beverages are permitted at Laurita. NO pets are allowed on the premises.

No entrance fee charge for our Laurita Winery Preferred Members!

Use #LauritaWinery #LauritaFoodTrucks on all of your networks and take lots of pictures!!

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LIVE Music!

Saturday 11/12

Sunday 11/13

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LIVE Demonstrators!

  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & Cold Stone Creamery!


  • Macaroni Anne Cheese, the Face-Painting Clown!


  • Marty Mayo Caricatures!


  • Barnyard Friends Petting Zoo! 


  • 3 Hearts 4 Paws Animal Rescue!


  • Howling Woods Wolfdogs!


  • La Placa Pottery! 


  • Bëtte & Eddie Wood Carving!



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Craft Vendors!

  • AHG Wine Glass Charms!


  • Jerky James Fine Meats!


  • Rocky’s Hot Sauce!


  • The Bacon Jams! 


  • Big Spoon Little Spoon Naturals! 


  • Made 2 Love It


  • Mia Grace Creations


  • And….The John Hay Cigar Lounge!!






Venue Phone: 609.752.0200

Venue Website:

85 Archertown Road, New Egypt, New Jersey, 08533, United States


What people say
  1. Tiff

    How much is it to enter for the 12th event?

    Reply Tiff 11 September 2016, 21:24
    • Laurita Winery

      We have several ticket options Tiff, including group discounts, please see the event page! General, single ticket admission is $8.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 16 September 2016, 13:15
  2. Wanda

    Will there be musical entertainment at this event? FIrepits will be on? Thank you.

    Reply Wanda 19 September 2016, 17:11
  3. Beata

    Hi! I wanted to buy tickets but this event page still says details to come! When will tickets go on sale?

    Thank you!

    Reply Beata 19 September 2016, 19:05
    • Laurita Winery

      Tickets for the next food truck festival go on sale the day after the last one Beata!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 21 September 2016, 19:09
  4. Shell

    Do you have to be 21?

    Reply Shell 25 September 2016, 05:31
    • Laurita Winery

      All ages are welcome!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 12 October 2016, 20:33
      • Tina

        My daughter is 3. Do I need to pay the $8 for her? I have 4 adults and one child but didn’t see a child admission fee. Please let me know. Thank you!

        Reply Tina 01 November 2016, 20:13
  5. Lake Girl

    I’m from Michigan and I’ll be in your area that weekend. Can I purchase tickets the day I come to your festival, the 13th, or do I need to get them in advance?

    Reply Lake Girl 25 September 2016, 16:12
    • Laurita Winery

      You can always get tickets at the door! But if you have 4 or more people in your group, you’ll save with our 4 or 10-packs of tickets!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 12 October 2016, 20:33
  6. Jai

    Do you have to be 21 to enter?

    Reply Jai 27 September 2016, 10:08
  7. Jaime

    Hi do you have to be 21 to come to this event?

    Reply Jaime 27 September 2016, 20:34
  8. Amy

    Do children need a ticket?

    Reply Amy 29 September 2016, 17:34
  9. Kate

    Are pets allowed?

    Reply Kate 03 October 2016, 08:07
    • Laurita Winery

      Unfortunately no Kate, only authorized guide and assistance dogs.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 05 October 2016, 15:55
  10. Ming

    Will there be free wine tasting?

    Reply Ming 03 October 2016, 21:52
  11. joe

    do we need to purchase a ticket per day or does one ticket cover sat and sunday?

    Reply joe 05 October 2016, 12:25
    • Laurita Winery

      We have a discounted weekend pass that covers both days Joe! But regular admission is for one day only.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 05 October 2016, 16:00
  12. Burgers123

    Is the 13th Food trucks or just wine tasting? How many food trucks attend usually?

    Reply Burgers123 05 October 2016, 20:08
    • Laurita Winery

      It is a Food Truck festival and we usually have between 25-27 trucks!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 09 October 2016, 15:53
      • Jay B

        Hi. Do you have a listing of the food vendors? We have some people coming who have dietary restrictions (gluten free) and are pretty doubtful they will have anything to eat.Maybe they’ll just drink wine…

        Reply Jay B 25 October 2016, 05:27
  13. Jess

    Tickets need to be purchased in advance or can it be day of?

    If incliment weather is it still on?

    Reply Jess 06 October 2016, 23:10
    • Laurita Winery

      Tickets are always available the day of Jess, but if you’re coming with a group of 4 or more, we have discount ticket packs of 4 and 10 adult admissions!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 09 October 2016, 15:54
  14. MO

    What does a general admission ticket include?

    Reply MO 10 October 2016, 16:49
    • Laurita Winery

      The full list is above MO, but entry, parking, shuttle, souvenir Laurita Wine Glass!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 12 October 2016, 19:18
  15. Nicole

    Do you have to purchase tickets for wine tasting day of or can we purchase online along with tickets for food truck festival ? Also if the inn is full
    Do you recommend any nearby places to spend the night ?

    Reply Nicole 12 October 2016, 11:19
  16. Rhonda

    Do you offer any discounts for groups larger than 10 people?

    Reply Rhonda 14 October 2016, 15:51
    • Laurita Winery

      For every group of 10 Rhonda tickets are just $5! So if you have 20 people, get 2 10-packs!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 15 October 2016, 22:56
  17. Lady She

    Two quick questions. Is this event food trucks and fire pits? Also we’ve never been and would like to bring a groups should we tell everyone to bring thier own lawn chairs?

    Reply Lady She 15 October 2016, 04:28
    • Laurita Winery

      Yes! And yes we encourage you to bring your own chairs and blankets!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:14
  18. Christina

    Hi, are we allowed to reserve fire pits? I would like to come with some friends to celebrate my birthday on November 12 (the fire pit and food truck event). So am I allowed to reserve a fire pit or is it first come first serve?

    Reply Christina 15 October 2016, 17:02
    • Laurita Winery

      Unfortunately no Christina, we cannot reserve fire pits on event weekends.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:13
  19. Emily

    Are you in need of vendors? I would love to set up a table for Nov 12! I sell Shop Stevie- a women’s clothing line with really cute, trendy and affordable clothes!

    Reply Emily 16 October 2016, 17:11
  20. Dan

    Are the food trucks there from open to close (11-9) on November 12th?

    Reply Dan 16 October 2016, 20:32
  21. Tony

    Is there music or anything that night?

    Reply Tony 19 October 2016, 20:52
  22. Lori

    I would like to buy tickets for 8 people for the November 12 food truck and fire pit. How do I go about that.

    Reply Lori 23 October 2016, 18:29
  23. Fran

    Do the food trucks take credit cards or only cash? Also, how much does the wine cost?

    Reply Fran 24 October 2016, 08:47
    • Laurita Winery

      MOST of the trucks take cards Fran! Wine varies of course depending on the type and vintage, but between $5 and $8 glass!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:12
  24. Beth

    When will the info about the trucks, activities, vendors etc be on the site?

    Reply Beth 24 October 2016, 11:30
  25. Gina

    Is it required to buy a ticket in advance for the Saturday event?

    Reply Gina 24 October 2016, 12:09
    • Laurita Winery

      You do NOT have to buy in advance Gina, but if you have 4 or more people in your group, DISCOUNT ticket packs are available ONLINE ONLY!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:11
  26. Shannon

    Hi! Do we need to reserve tickets in advance or can we buy them at the door?

    Reply Shannon 24 October 2016, 14:53
    • Laurita Winery

      You can always get tickets at the door Shannon, but if you have a party of 4 or more, group discount ticket packs are available ONLINE ONLY!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:10
  27. Sunshine4108

    Hi! Are there activities for kids like bounce house or games play area?

    Reply Sunshine4108 24 October 2016, 15:09
    • Laurita Winery

      There are lots of things for kids! Playground, bounce houses, face painting, petting zoo, pony rides…!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:10
  28. Trish

    Do you have a list of bands for each day?

    Reply Trish 25 October 2016, 10:44
    • Laurita Winery

      They’re up Trish!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:09
      • Sharon

        We just purchased a four pack for Sunday but we will be arriving at different times – do I just give each person a copy of the confirmation? – I did not get ticket printouts

        Reply Sharon 09 November 2016, 13:58
        • rachel

          Just have your guests give the name of the purchaser to the pre-paid ticket booth attendant!

          Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:30
  29. Andrew

    I am a big Eagles fan and they play on the 13th at 1:00pm. Do you have a place to watch the game during the event or even at the inn? Or should I just come after?

    Reply Andrew 26 October 2016, 09:39
  30. Andrew

    I am a big Eagles fan and the play at 1:00pm on the 13th. Is there a place at the event itself or at the inn to watch? Or should I just come after the game? Let me know, thanks!

    Reply Andrew 26 October 2016, 09:43
  31. Erin

    Are there any other alcoholic beverage options besides wine? (I know it’s a winery, sorry, my girlfriend who only drinks beer is making me ask LOL.)

    Reply Erin 26 October 2016, 20:59
    • Laurita Winery

      We make the BEST Sangria in the WORLD right here Erin! But other than that and several wines, we are not permitted to sell any other alcohol on the premises that we don’t produce.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 02 November 2016, 19:34
  32. Sandra

    If I am a gold member do I need to purchase tickets to the food truck festival?

    Reply Sandra 27 October 2016, 09:43
  33. Colleen

    Is there a date/time online ticket sales end?

    Reply Colleen 27 October 2016, 12:14
    • Laurita Winery

      YES!! Online sales END at Midnight on Friday the 11th! Tickets are always available at the door the day of though!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 02 November 2016, 19:33
  34. John

    Can I reserve a fire pit?

    Reply John 30 October 2016, 12:54
  35. Virginia

    I purchased a ten pack, but never got an email confirmation. how will my tickets be delivered?

    Reply Virginia 31 October 2016, 09:12
    • Laurita Winery

      Virginia did you check your spam mailbox? You should’ve gotten the email! But don’t sweat, if you have paypal confirmation then you’re on the list!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:08
  36. Reetu

    Does the $8 admission cover the cost of the food trucks or is the food a separate cost?

    Reply Reetu 01 November 2016, 17:07
    • Laurita Winery

      The trucks all set their own prices Reetu and no that is not included!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 02 November 2016, 19:32
  37. Beverly

    Will you be having the holiday sand sculpture like last year?

    Reply Beverly 02 November 2016, 13:39
    • Laurita Winery

      Have to play that by ear Beverly, but as soon as we know we’ll let you know! SUBSCRIBE to the events feed on Facebook to get it first!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 02 November 2016, 19:31
  38. Nancy

    What time are the fireworks scheduled to start?

    Reply Nancy 02 November 2016, 15:29
  39. Doreen

    If I take uber to the food truck festival on 11/12 can I be dropped off at the main entrance or roni need to be dropped at the lot and take the bus.

    Reply Doreen 02 November 2016, 19:01
    • Laurita Winery

      Yes Doreen! Taxis and rideshares will drop you off at the main entrance!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:07
  40. Joni

    How many firepits are there? Do yo have to bring your own chair and is there a time limit for sitting? Thanks!

    Reply Joni 03 November 2016, 13:05
    • Laurita Winery

      We have over two dozen Joni. You do not have to, but you are encouraged to! There is no limit for sitting but fire pits are first come, first serve!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:07
  41. Mar

    Can i buy tickets when I get there on Saturday or do I need them

    Reply Mar 04 November 2016, 10:20
    • Laurita Winery

      You can always get tickets the day of Mar, but if you have 4 or more people, Discount Group Ticket Packs are ONLINE ONLY!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:06
  42. Meg

    How far is the shuttle ride and how often do they run?

    Reply Meg 04 November 2016, 14:37
    • Laurita Winery

      The racetrack parking lot is less than 1/2 mile away and the shuttle runs around the back of the winery through the vineyard Meg, beautiful ride and they run non-stop all day and night!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:06
  43. Jill

    If I buy a 10 pack so we all have to arrive at the same time?

    Reply Jill 04 November 2016, 20:14
    • Laurita Winery

      You do not Jill! Just tell your party they’ll need the name of the ticket buyer at the prepaid booth!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:05
  44. Marge

    Are the kids activities all day from open to close (petting zoo, playground, bounce house)?

    Reply Marge 05 November 2016, 12:07
    • Laurita Winery

      They are Marge! The bounce houses will usually close down an hour or so before the end of the night. Our playground is permanent and always open. The pony rides and petting zoo will usually stop riding an hour or so before close as well.

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:03
  45. Ruth

    Can we bring chairs and blankets?

    Reply Ruth 05 November 2016, 16:11
  46. Ladymusic

    Hi! If you are early enough to reserve a firepit, must you bring your own wood, or does the winery supply the firewood? Thanks!

    Reply Ladymusic 07 November 2016, 07:04
    • Laurita Winery

      There are no reservations for fire pits, but if you’re here early enough to get one, we have all the wood you’ll need!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:01
  47. Janean

    Can you recommend lodging near by? We live an hour or so away and if so will the shuttle go there?

    Reply Janean 07 November 2016, 09:04
  48. Trisha

    Will there be Sangria at this event? if so, by glass and/or mason jar?

    Reply Trisha 07 November 2016, 09:25
  49. Cyn

    Should we bring a table and chairs to the event or is seating provider?

    Reply Cyn 07 November 2016, 11:54
    • Laurita Winery

      We have lots of seats Cyn but on festival weekends they will fill up, so if you get here later we encourage you to bring chairs, blankets, tents, folding tables, etc.!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 21:59
  50. G

    Is there a fee for the children’s activities?

    Reply G 07 November 2016, 17:59
    • Laurita Winery

      The playground and bounce houses are free G, as is the petting zoo! Pony rides and face painting are $5!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 21:58
  51. Billy

    What time will the wolf dogs be at the festival?

    Reply Billy 07 November 2016, 18:52
    • Laurita Winery

      They’re usually there from the open until around 7ish each day Billy!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 21:57
  52. D

    Hello I just wanted to know if you guys are handicap friendly I have my aunt who can not walk very far but, wants to come shes in a wheel chair is there anything you guys can do to accommodate.

    Reply D 07 November 2016, 20:50
    • Laurita Winery

      The building is fully wheelchair accessible D, and we have an elevator to the second floor! Outside is a little tougher but there are paths along the grounds that wheelchairs can navigate!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 21:57
      • D

        Cool thank you so much

        Reply D 10 November 2016, 14:53
  53. Barb

    First time attendee—- Is everything outdoors? Any indoor seating?

    Reply Barb 07 November 2016, 22:15
    • Laurita Winery

      The winery building is entirely open Barb and yes there is seating inside, upstairs and down! It will be pretty full during rush hours but it’s open all day and night!

      Reply Laurita Winery Author 07 November 2016, 22:18
  54. katelynstickney

    Do you have to schedule a wine tasting or can you just walk up?

    Reply katelynstickney 08 November 2016, 11:34
    • rachel

      Just walk up, Katelyn! Tastings are $7!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:46
  55. katelyn

    Do you have to schedule a wine tasting or can you just walk up?

    Reply katelyn 08 November 2016, 11:36
  56. Colleen

    If I buy the group ticket is it ok if all four of us show up at different times? Or do we all have to enter together?

    Reply Colleen 08 November 2016, 21:16
    • rachel

      You can arrive separately! Just have everyone give the name of the ticket purchaser to the pre-paid ticket booth attendant!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:31
  57. Mel

    Hello! I tried to read up on the comments so that I didn’t have to ask a previously answered question. I read that for groups of 10, it’s $5 group discount which can only be purchased online. But when I tried to purchase online, the price still comes up as $8. Can you please advise?

    Also, this $5 rate is just admission to the festival, correct? How much is for the winery tasting? Can I purchase all together? Thanks in advance!

    Reply Mel 09 November 2016, 16:17
    • rachel

      We were having technical issues with the site, Mel. You may want to try again.
      And yes, that price is admission. You can purchase tasting at the winery for $7!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:51
  58. Kate

    Do you have to schedule the wine tasting for Saturday?

    Reply Kate 09 November 2016, 18:05
  59. Rohan

    Will there be fireworks? I think last year there were fireworks at night.

    Reply Rohan 09 November 2016, 21:53
  60. Nicky

    Hi. Our group brought the 4 pack of tickets, but we all aren’t able to get there at the same time. I noticed that when you print the ticket, it’s just one that says 4 pack, not 4 individual ones. So can each of us just use that same barcode to get in separately? Basically two of us will be there before the other two people in our group.

    Reply Nicky 10 November 2016, 06:08
    • rachel

      It’s not a problem, Nicky. The ticket purchaser’s name is on the list plus the number of tickets they bought. Your party may arrive separately and they will need to tell the pre-paid ticket booth attendant the name of the ticket purchaser!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:34
  61. Alysia

    Do we need to bring lawn chairs or will there be seating?


    Reply Alysia 10 November 2016, 11:12
    • rachel

      While you don’t have to bring chairs, it’s a near certainty that we’ll run out of seats at some point, due to tremendous response.
      Maybe bring one, Alysia. Better safe than standing. 😉

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 17:01
  62. Brittany

    Does the winery and food trucks accept credit card? Or should we have plenty of cash? Thanks!

    Reply Brittany 10 November 2016, 11:40
    • rachel

      The winery and most of the trucks accept cards, Brittany! Although no one will turn down cash! 😉

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:47
  63. Joe

    Can we enjoy enjoy a cigar while sipping on your wine?

    Reply Joe 10 November 2016, 19:44
    • rachel

      Not only can you smoke cigars, we’ll be having John Hays Cigars on site, Joe!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:43
  64. veronica

    How much is the sangria?

    Reply veronica 10 November 2016, 22:19
    • rachel

      $6 a glass or $25 a mason jar, Veronica! (The jar hold about 5 glasses!)

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:40
  65. Kk

    We r big fans of wahlburgers show, will any of them actually b there or is it just the truck ?

    Reply Kk 11 November 2016, 07:18
    • rachel

      To our knowledge, none of them will be there… But we keep tagging them on Facebook, trying to give them a hint!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:25
  66. Stacy

    Is there a restriction on what type of chairs you can bring into the event? Do they have to be beach chairs or are the fold-up camping chairs ok to bring too?

    Reply Stacy 11 November 2016, 09:58
    • rachel

      Bring whatever’s comfortable, Stacy!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:51
  67. Jessica

    Hey we’re interested in coming tomorrow but we’re unsure about bringing a 6 month old lol do other people bring kids? Or would you say get a sitter instead lol we haven’t been out in awhile

    Reply Jessica 11 November 2016, 12:35
    • rachel

      Jessica, it’s VERY family friendly. We’ve got a playground and bounce house (that might be a little too much for a 6 month old, we know), but we also have pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting…

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:24
  68. Nick

    Hi, We have a group pack of 10 tickets … is it a problem if we can’t all arrive at the same time?

    Reply Nick 11 November 2016, 12:50
    • rachel

      Not a problem, Nick. Just have your guests give the name of the purchaser to the pre-paid ticket booth attendant!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:28
  69. Nina

    How do we know which vendors/events will be on which day? I.E. Petting Zoo, Face Painting and Wolves.

    Reply Nina 11 November 2016, 13:05
    • rachel

      Unless otherwise stated, vendors will be there both days Nina!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:39
  70. Sharyn

    Good Afternoon,
    i just went on your website to purchase tickets for the fall food truck festival for tomorrow 11/12 and they said they are sold out. Does that mean that you can not even purchase them when you get there? Are they completely sold out?

    Reply Sharyn 11 November 2016, 15:25
    • rachel

      Sharyn, we’re NOT sold out. We were experiencing some technical issues, and we believe we’ve got it all sorted out now!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:23
    • rachel

      We’re not sold out, Sharyn! It was an electronic hiccup, and we’ve got it fixed now!

      Reply rachel 11 November 2016, 16:29
  71. Howling Woods

    This is Mike with Howling Woods Farm. We are bringing the wolfdogs to the winery this weekend. As it gets dark early now, we will only be there until about 5pm each day. So we will be there 11am to 5pm both days.

    Reply Howling Woods 11 November 2016, 17:11
  72. Laney

    Hi, does this event have re entry?

    Reply Laney 11 November 2016, 20:33

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