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Down the Shore: Wines of Summer, 2018!

Down the Shore: Wines of Summer, 2018!

blog , Laurita Winery , Wine of the Month 🕔June 6, 2018 0 comments

Summer is so important, so epic, so… SUMMER that you couldn’t possibly contain it in one month!

The same goes for our Laurita Wines of Summer, 2018! They’re so much MUCH that instead of a single wine of the month, we’re celebrating (and discounting!) ALL THREE Down the Shore wines for the next three months of summer!

Best of all? They’re PERFECT with cookouts and barbecue and summer fun. That could be a coincidence, but it’s probably not!

Down the Shore – Relaxing Red

The fruit flavors in Relaxing Red lean towards the black raspberry/cherry side of the scale with an alluring finish of smoke and spice. A slap of acidity keeps you on your toes and makes for an ideal pairing with tangy barbecue!!

Down the Shore – Beachcomber Blush

Beachcomber Blush is dark pink in color and offers lovely cherry and berry flavors. Backed by a hint of depth and light tannins as well as refreshing acidity, it’s an excellent choice for poultry and seafood!

Down the Shore – Windswept White

Windswept White teases the nose with subtle aromas of pear, strawberry and lemon, but the wine really comes alive in the mouth. Fresh, clean, ripe white fruits are tasted immediately. Because of its refreshing acidity, it goes particularly well with Asian cuisines like Thai and Vietnamese!


CLICK HERE NOW to order your Down the Shore Wines of Summer at the special discount price! Get two of each to fill your 6-pack, and have the perfect pairing on hand whenever the cookout or party happens! Or stop in and pick some up today!

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