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Do You Really Know Rosé?

Do You Really Know Rosé?

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔May 29, 2018 0 comments

While rosé never really goes out of style, its big season is almost upon us. Whether chilled at the picnic, or served as “frosé“, the pink stuff definitely shows up – and shines – come summer.

But do you really know rosé?

VinePair has answers to the questions about rosé you’re too embarrassed to ask.

A Rosé By Any Other Name…

What’s the big difference between the pink drinks? What makes a wine a rosé or a white zinfandel? The short answer is sugar.

Both are produced using red wine grapes and a relatively short maceration period. White Zinfandel is just a sweeter version of rosé, which can be fruity but is characterized by dry, bracing acidity.

Which Is It Anyway?

Technically neither red or white, pink wines are made from red wine grapes. Like red wine, pink wine is left to macerate with the skins after the grapes have been juiced.

Pink wines sit with their skins for a relatively short time period, typically only one to three days.

Perfect Pairings

Rosé works beautifully with many foods because of its crispness and acidity.

Pair pink wines with oysters, roast chicken, asparagus, beet-and-goat-cheese salads, pad Thai, and anything you take off the grill.

The Darker The Berry…

The sweeter the wine? Not necessarily.

While many consumers associate darker rosés with the ultra-sweet and fruity blush wines that were popular in American in the 1980s (here’s looking at you, Sutter Home), there are a number of beautifully balanced rosés with richer, deeper hues.

So, Back To That Frosé

Can you really turn that rosé into a frosty, refreshing frosé? Ohhhh, yes. We’ve shared the story before.

The frosé was invented by acclaimed pastry chef Kelly Fields to offer customers in New Orleans a frosty treat in the tropical heat.

And you can make it at home! Perfect for summer fun!

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