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Do Wine, Liquor, and Beer Cause Different Moods?

Do Wine, Liquor, and Beer Cause Different Moods?

Laurita Winery , News , Wine Science 🕔November 23, 2017 0 comments

Can your choice of alcoholic beverage influence your emotions? A new study from Public Health Wales National Health System Trust and King’s College London (UK) says yes.

Forbes reports that the researchers used information from the Global Drug Study to examine the emotions triggered by different types of alcohol.

The researchers were interested in the participants’ typical drinking habits, and what emotions each type of alcohol tended to elicit, including positive ones (“energized,” “relaxed,” “sexy” and “confident”) and negative (“tired,” “aggressive,” “ill,” “restless” and “tearful”).

Hard liquor was associated with more volatile moods, with thirty percent of drinkers reporting that they felt aggression. On the plus side, 60% of drinkers said the liquor made them feel confident and energetic, and forty-three percent felt more sexy.

Almost fifty percent of beer drinkers reported feeling relaxed. And men reported more of every emotion except “tearful” while drinking beer. (Although anyone who’s ever watched two guys at the bar tearfully declaring “I love you, man!” after the team wins a game might report differently.) Men drinking beer also report less aggression than those drinking liquor.

Red wine was found to be the most relaxing beverage, with sixty-three percent of participants reporting the feeling. And women were more likely to report all emotions while drinking red wine, except energized. Red wine drinkers also had the lowest levels of aggression.

Researchers suggest that drinkers may make subconscious choices of what to drink based on expectation, which suggests the possibility of confirmation bias on the part of participants.

It’s also possible that the compounds in drinks besides the alcohol may have different effects on the brain, in ways we don’t yet know.

Of course further study is always necessary, but it’s interesting stuff! And we learned we’ve been right about at least one thing…

Kicking back with a nice red is the best way to relax!

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