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Could White Zinfandel Be The Next Retro Trend?

Could White Zinfandel Be The Next Retro Trend?

blog , Laurita Winery 🕔May 31, 2018 0 comments

We recently asked how well you really know rosé, and shared some facts about the popular pink drink. One of the more interesting facts (we think, anyway) was that rosé and White Zinfandel are actually made in essentially the same way.

Red wine grapes go through a shortened (compared to red wine) maceration stage, resulting in pink wine. From there, rosé and White Zinfandel go through different fermentation processes, which is why one is dry while the other is sweet.

Anyway, that got us thinking back to the days when White Zinfandel seemed as popular as rosé is now. While zinf seemed to be mostly out of style, Vine Pair assures us that it never really left.

Developed by Bob Trinchero at Sutter Home in 1972 as an experiment with free-run juice from Zinfandel grapes, a “stuck fermentation” three years later left 2 percent residual sugar in the mix. Trinchero turned this into White Zinfandel as we know it today.

In fact, the most popular wine in 1986 was Sutter Home’s White Zinfandel! Nowadays has what the kids call “haters”. You can even purchase merchandise with an anti-zinf message. Yet despite its detractors, you can still find White Zinfandel almost everywhere you find wine. For many, it’s a fond memory of their intro to the love of wine.

For those who came of age in America during a certain era, it is an inescapable point on a collective continuum, like Reaganomics or knowing that Tommy used to work on the docks and that since the union’s on strike he’s been down on his luck.

With the current trend for warm-weather rosé, maybe White Zinfandel can at last make a comeback. It’s actually a perfect pairing for spicy food, and it’s good over ice in the summer.

“It’s kind of like the impossibly popular rosé’s sweeter, goofy cousin… I would not be surprised if it’s all the rage next summer.”

Cold, sweet, great with food, pink… what’s not to like about White Zinfandel?

Maybe it’s been uncool long enough to come back in style. Like bellbottoms or acid-washed denim. Maybe White Zinfandel has aged enough to be retro.


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