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Cheers To Laurita’s Late Fall Food Trucks!

Cheers To Laurita’s Late Fall Food Trucks!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔November 24, 2015 0 comments


There’s nothing more invigorating, more inspiring, and more contemplative than being in the great outdoors in fall. And there’s no greater place to experience these feelings than at Laurita’s late fall fall food truck event. It may have been cool outside, but the folks at Laurita were warm and welcoming.

For the uninitiated, a winery as vast and expansive as Laurita’s can be a little overwhelming. But wine enthusiasts (or designated drivers) need not worry; Karen and Sheila (a.ka. “The happy Irish woman”) are here to greet you at the gate.

Then, it’s onto the shuttle bus or wagon and onto the wine and food trucks.


Attracting vendors from all across New Jersey, Philadelphia & New York City, the food trucks deliver a variety of eclectic food that will make any foodie blush. After all, this is a food truck event. We highly recommend the Empanada Guy. As Seinfeld co-creator Larry David might say, he’s prettyyyyyy, prettyyyyyy, prettyyyyyy good.


Now it’s time to wash down that wonderful food with some of Laurita’s sauce. As noted English writer Virginia Woolf once said, “Language is wine upon the lips.”

For just seven dollars, your palate gets to enjoy six different wines. And since you really want to enjoy each and every wine, Laurita keeps a bowl of oyster crackers on the tasting bar. The Relaxing Red really lives up to its name. Even though it was a cool and crisp late autumn day, this wine makes you feel like you’re comfortably relaxing on a white, sandy beach. Barcelona Red, however, will take your hand in marriage. We can’t say anymore positive things about this one. Three words: black raspberry, black raspberry, black raspberry. Okay, so maybe that’s just one word, but this wine is that good so who cares.

We came, we ate, we drank, now what would do we do?


If there’s anything to compliment a day of consuming wine like you were Dionysus yourself, it’s one big freaking sand castle. Indeed, 4-time Guinness World Records holder, Ed Jarrett, is hoping to break the ‪#‎WorldRecord for the Tallest Sandcastle on Earth. And Laurita is happy to give him that chance. Seriously, this is no kid’s sand castle; this is a magnificent work of art!

Oh, it also has dragons. Who doesn’t love dragons.


All in all, Laurita’s late fall food trucks are just one of many amazing things to enjoy about our winery. Sadly, if you missed this one you’ll have to wait until next year. We hope to see you then!

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