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Can Drinking Wine Make You Smarter?

Can Drinking Wine Make You Smarter?

Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔April 10, 2017 0 comments

We once overheard a gentleman at a get-together explaining to those around him the many benefits of indulging in a boozy beverage…

Everything you need in life can be found inside. Wisdom, humor, courage, and intelligence!

Granted, his beverage of choice came in a can (and he’d enjoyed several by this point), but it turns out he may have just been onto something with the idea.

AskMen has reported on a new book which claims that the very act of drinking wine actually improves brain power and can increase your intelligence! And while it might be easy to write off the philosophies of someone who is moved to preach on the benefits of booze while at a party, these recent claims about wine have been put forth by a professor of neuroscience from the Yale School of Medicine.

Don’t do math. Drink wine. It’s better for the brain. At least, that’s what a new book from a Yale professor suggests.

In Neuroenology: How The Brain Creates The Taste of Wine, Dr. Gordon Shepherd draws on neuroscience, biomechanics, human physiology, and traditional enology.

According to Shepherd, sniffing and analysing a wine before drinking requires an enormous amount of control over the tongue’s intricate muscles and the utilisation of thousands of taste and odour receptors. He reckons it makes our brains work harder than any other human activity, including listening to music and solving math problems.

This is really great news! We don’t know about you, but we’re a lot better at drinking wine than we are at solving math problems!

Still, don’t drink too much. If so, Shepherd says, you’ll saturate your system, and there’ll be no exercising of the grey matter for you.

That’s good advice regardless. While we love wine, and we’re happy to learn it has yet more benefits, we do strongly support enjoyment in moderation.

Otherwise, you’ll just end up like the guy in the beginning of our story.




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