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Blooming Vines!!

Blooming Vines!!

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

June 12, 2012, Vineyard Update – After an early bud break, hopes were high in anticipation of an exciting new year, then…..BAMM!

Mother Nature said “Not so fast Sonny!!” and threw a frosty curve through the Lemberger and Zweigelt blocs. The newly opened buds with a few short inches of growth were subjected to two days of below freezing temperatures and the rest, well you can guess. bamm

As I’m writing this, the vineyard has bounced back. Tremendous growth in those blocs not affected by the frost, yet, those affected, have opened their secondary buds and are reaching for the sky. We’re allowing those two do their own thing as they may not produce a crop, we’re only concerned that they produce wood for next year. Meanwhile, if you’re afforded the opportunity to walk through the vineyard, you will witness the Bloom and development of the Grape cluster. Enjoy the sight and smell, as we do.

Nicolaas Opdam

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