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Blessing of the Vines

Blessing of the Vines

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Laurita Winery hosts the Blessing of the Vines, and if you haven’t yet experienced this ceremony, don’t miss it in 2015! It isn’t a religious ceremony; it’s one in which all wine lovers, families and friends, can take part.

1280px-Vincent_of_Saragossa_(Menologion_of_Basil_II)To truly appreciate anything, start at the beginning. The patron saint of winemaking is Saint Vincent, and the story behind it is simple. It is said that one day St. Vincent stopped at a vineyard to chat to one of the wine growers. His donkey started nibbling the young shoots on the vine. The following year, the crop was far more productive. The Saint’s donkey had invented pruning!

Blessing the vines has become a tradition at Laurita Winery, but it isn’t exclusive to New Egypt, New Jersey. It is a wish for a fruitful harvest, led by a religious figure, and a thank you for a successful past. This ceremony takes place wherever wine is appreciated. It has been carried out since Medieval Times, too.

This year, the first blessing takes place on Saturday, January 17 with Father Morley. After the blessing ceremony, we will retreat back to the warmth of the winery to share in a complimentary glass of wine along with the breaking of bread. All participants will enjoy a warm relaxing afternoon at the winery with live music.


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