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Better Wine in the Summer Time!

Better Wine in the Summer Time!

Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔July 31, 2017 0 comments

We’ve been there. You’ve been there.

It’s almost time for the picnic (or the barbecue, or the block party, or your favorite show), so you pop open that bottle of wine!

Only… it’s bad.

It happens. And not just from unfortunate choices at the store. Even good wine can become corked, of just taste bad sometimes.

But don’t give up just yet on that bottle of wine. You may still be able to salvage it. And summer’s an especially great time for turning bad wines into drinkable ones.

We’ve got tips from Wine Press, via Mass Live, on ways to make a bad wine better!

Add Ice

While many traditionalist wine lovers would turn their nose up at the thought, we take a more laissezfaire view on ice in wine. Turns out, it could help!

One, the ice will melt in the wine and water it down slightly and might take some of the rough edges off it. Two, ice cold wine often tastes much better than room temperature wine.

You can also toss the bottle in the freezer, if you’re careful not to forget. (It could burst.)

Air It Out

“Let it breathe” seems like a wine cliche, but often a little exposure to air is just what wine needs. It can soften the rough edges and create smoother flavor.

I know this might sound a little precious, but it’s true. Some great wines take a few hours to adapt to life outside the bottle.

You can jump start the breathing process (like CPR for your wine) if you don’t have much time, or if the wine is particularly in need of a boost. Add oxygen quickly and with more force by pouring wine back and forth from one glass to another. As a bonus, you can test-sip until you perfect your glass!


Got any tips or suggestions for making the best of a less-than-amazing wine? Let us know in the comments!


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