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Better Beach Bag

Better Beach Bag

Laurita Winery , wine gadgets 🕔June 2, 2017 0 comments

Awhile back, we shared with you the wonders of the wine purse.

We found it. We found the thing you didn’t know you were looking for. An item you had no idea you needed… But you do need this. And so do we.

Everyone needs this.

If you’re hearing of this for the first time (you don’t follow our blog?), you’re probably wondering what in the world a wine purse might be…

Pretty simply, it’s a purse that holds wine.

(Cue the trumpets blaring and the angels singing.)

“Bridal showers, PTA meetings, those hellish hours spent in doctors’ office waiting rooms — basically, any time you’ve secretly wished for a stiff drink — will never be the same. One company’s designed a line of handbags with a secret pouch for storing (and serving) wine, and a whole lot of it at that.”

Well according to Thrillist, BellaVita (makers of the wine purse) have outdone themselves for summer.

Meet the better beach bag, the PortoVino Beach Tote.

There’s no question that chilled wine is as much a beach necessity as a towel or sunscreen, but discreetly toting and pouring your day’s worth of vino can get a bit complicated (especially if doing so isn’t looked at kindly by local authorities).

Now, we would never advise you to do anything that could get you into trouble with the authorities. But the reality is, if you’re old enough to buy a bottle of wine in the first place, you’re grown.

And this bag is the perfect summer accessory! It’s actually a step up from the purse!

This larger version is made from beach-appropriate canvas, and has enough room to pack your towel, book, sunscreen, keys, phone, and various other beach-cessories.

Oh… and it also holds two bottles of wine!

We’d take the time to tell you more, but we have a feeling you’ve already got your credit card out to order a better beach bag.

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