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Awesome Summer Treats You Can Make With Wine!

Awesome Summer Treats You Can Make With Wine!

blog , Laurita Winery , Recipes 🕔July 31, 2018 0 comments

We love wine! (We assume you love wine, too, or you wouldn’t be reading a wine blog.) We to love pair wine with food, and even cook with it! Some of the most amazing gourmet meals count wine among their ingredients.

But we also love to have fun, and so we really enjoy when we can combine a fun little treat with another great love of our lives… wine! Today we’ve got a roundup of some of favorite summer treats you can make with wine!

Red Wine Milkshake

We’ll start with this, because we just saw it and haven’t done a taste test yet. Courtesy of Delish.

Bear in mind, this recipe combines wine with with a full shot of vodka per serving! That’s a lot of fun in one glass! Click here for the full recipe and video!

Wine Jello Shots

We found this recipe for Rosé Strawberry Lime Jello Shots via UrbanBlissLife, and can we just say YUM!!

They’re almost too pretty to eat! Click here for that recipe, and another for SANGRIA Jello shots!

Frozen Wine Grapes

If simple is your thing, you’re going to love these frosty little treats from Club W!

You don’t really need a recipe… just soak the grapes in wine overnight, roll in sugar, and freeze! But if you’d like the recipe anyway, click here and you’ll also find wine slushies and red wine floats!

Wine Gummy Bears

And finally we come round to our personal favorite… a DIY Wine Gummy Bears recipe courtesy of Jessica Pinney via Cooking With Janica! (You know, for mature and sophisticated adults!)

It turns out they’re shockingly simple! If you can pour ingredients into a pan and stir, you’ve pretty much got this! She does offer one little tip we wanted to be sure to pass along…

If you’re like me and want to keep them boozy, make sure you monitor it closely with a candy thermometer. To retain the alcohol, it needs to stay at 90 degrees or below.

Click here for the full recipe and video!


So… do you have any favorite summer treats made with wine? Drop a comment and let us know so everyone can try them!

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