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Autumn at Laurita Winery is the ideal time!

Autumn at Laurita Winery is the ideal time!

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

September 3, 2012 – As Fall settles into the Laurita vineyard, a distinct change begins. The sunset-colored leaves scatter around our yards and homes and the nights start cooling off. A sense of contentment resonates throughout the vineyard. The last of the grapes make their way off the vines, and sorting tables and presses are in full sway.

The Fall months are a time for us to reflect the harvest, and the warmth of a job well done. We invite you to join us as we reconnect with neighbors and old friends. There is no better way to celebrate harvest then enjoying the fruits of summer’s labor. Autumn at Laurita Winery is the ideal time and place to partake in our annual blessing celebration.

Barrels are uncorked and new releases are available for toasting. In addition, Laurita embraces the cooler weather and the Vines of Life Walk, a Lucy’s Crush Festival and many more activities this fall.

Laurita Winery’s Blessing of the Harvest, September 29, 2012, is an exciting time to savor the refreshing, brisk fall in our estate vineyard.

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