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Sangria Season

Sangria Season 0

Recipes 🕔May 27, 2016

Longer days and warmer weather make us think of picnics and barbecues and gatherings and sangria! Now, sangria is usually thought of as a summer beverage, and it’s technically only spring… But it’s a holiday weekend, and Memorial Day is

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Weird and Wonderful Ways to NOT Waste Wine

Weird and Wonderful Ways to NOT Waste Wine 1

Wine Science , Wine Weirdness 🕔May 23, 2016

We’ve talked before (and will again) about things you can do with leftover wine. Though we admit, we’re still struggling with the general concept of “leftover wine”. Who has wine left over?! Well, obviously some do. And in case you’re

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Find the Humor in Wine Tasting

Find the Humor in Wine Tasting 0

News , Wine Weirdness 🕔April 30, 2016

In the past, we’ve admitted that wine has at times been seen as the province of the elite… that sommeliers and their cork-sniffing customers can come across a bit snooty. We’ve gone as far as to share tips on how

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Rockin’ Wine

Rockin’ Wine 1

News , Wine Science 🕔April 28, 2016

Rock and wine is as perfect a combination as… well… rock and roll! No, not like that. Although we freely admit that wine and whiskey stones (which are literally rocks that you chill and add to your drink) are a

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Old School Cool

Old School Cool 0

Wine Weirdness 🕔April 23, 2016

You know those memes you see all over social media, advising you to “Keep calm and…” whatever?   Yeah, just like that one. It’s part of a trend in both internet memes and real-life decorating motifs. Think of the text-style

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Lake Wine

Lake Wine 0

News , Wine Weirdness 🕔April 19, 2016

OK, tell us what comes to mind if we say… Lake wine. Think about it for a minute… Lake. Wine. Did your head go to magical places, where trumpets blare and angels sing? We know. The same glorious visions flew

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The Rise of the Machines

The Rise of the Machines 0

Wine Weirdness 🕔April 8, 2016

We’ve seen enough sci-fi action movies to know that eventually machines are going to take over the world. (If the zombies don’t beat them to it.) You know you’ve seen them, too… robot overlords, originally designed to help, infiltrating every

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Just How Smart Is That Smart Wine Bottle?

Just How Smart Is That Smart Wine Bottle? 0

Laurita Winery , News 🕔March 31, 2016

The other day, we heard about a new gadget that will keep your opened wine fresh for up to thirty days… Huzzah! we thought. Finally, technology is solving the important problems! We can now open a bottle of our favorite

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Easter Ham Braised in Red Wine

Easter Ham Braised in Red Wine 0

Recipes 🕔March 24, 2016

We’ve talked a little about cooking with wine. Now, just in time for Easter, we’d like to share an amazing recipe for red-wine braised ham with apples! (You know your stomach started growling when you read that!) We found the

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 0

Uncategorized 🕔March 17, 2016

We’re aware that there’s a “traditional beverage” for St. Paddy’s celebrations… namely green beer.     Now, we’ve got nothing against an ice cold brew. It’s not only delicious, but it does kinda go with the day. But what about

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