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Are You Ready For Blue Wine?

Are You Ready For Blue Wine?

Laurita Winery , wine news , Wine Weirdness 🕔October 1, 2017 0 comments

We told you about blue wine back in July.

Half a dozen Spanish millennials (not that we should hold that against them), have come up with something completely new. Gik Blue.

Well, now Gik is bringing their creation to America, so we ask… are you ready for blue wine? We’ve got more about it, from Maura Judkis via the Chicago Tribune.

Courtesy @giklive_us via Instagram

“…we discovered that the best way to create it was to go back to the beginning and merge nature and technology: we mix different varieties of grapes and after that, we use two organic pigments to turn it blue,” Aritz López, one of the wine’s creators, said in an email. “Then, we improve the flavor and make it easy to drink.”


We kinda feel like they have that backwards, worrying about flavor last. But maybe we’re wrong. The makers claim that this blue wine, which is dyed with the same compounds as your jeans and includes noncaloric sweeteners to make it palatable, “pairs well with guacamole, sushi – or anything, really”.

Anything. Really.

Well, maybe. But how does it taste? That’s what we’re most curious about.

A panel of tasters (helpfully blindfolded) sampled Gik, along with white, red, rose, and orange wine offerings.

Tasting notes included: “Blue Jolly Ranchers,” “Robitussin,” “Capri Sun” and “Gross.” It was a highly polarizing drink.

Which is probably not surprising. The wine has proven unpopular with European wine traditionalists.

“The most traditional part of the Spanish wine sector has encouraged us to ‘leave the industry alone and go create apps,’ and even told us that Gik was a ‘terrible invention,’ ” López said.

Courtesy @giklive_us via Instagram

That’s not terribly encouraging.

Still, it is interesting. And at under $15 a bottle, a lot of people are going to give it a try. We just haven’t decided whether we’ll be among them. We aren’t quite sold on the noncaloric sweetener and denim dye in our wine.

So we’ll ask again… What about you? Are you ready for blue wine? Let us know in the comments!

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