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Are Wine & Food Pairings a Load of Hooey?

Are Wine & Food Pairings a Load of Hooey?

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔February 28, 2019 0 comments

Everyone who drinks (or sells) wine talks about pairing wine with food. Yes, including us – we’ve written multiple posts about it! And now we read that it may be just a big ol’ load of hooey?

(Actually, that’s just us trying to be PC. The actual quote was “a lot of bull—-“.)

We’ve got the whole story, via The Takeout.

Tim Hanni is one of only 378 “Masters of Wine” in the world, and one of the first two resident Americans to earn the title. And he’s very, very opinionated about wine. And apparently wine pairing.

“A perfect wine pairing doesn’t exist. We’re doing a lot of damage the way we’re matching wine and categorizing it… We need to celebrate the diversity of consumers, not make them feel stupid. You can serve Sauvignon Blanc with steak—why not?”

He blames an idea we’ve complained about here before. Wine snobbery.

“A lot of people enjoy being arrogant about wine and consider entry-level wines as being unsophisticated.”

We agree. Wine is supposed to be fun, something to enjoy, an experience! Not something that makes you doubt your choices or feel intimidated!

And it turns out this Master of Wine has held these same views for years!

In short, he’s been banging the drum for quite some time, and it’s just the swearing that got our attention (thanks to The Drinks Businessreport on the speech).

Which, in turn, got our attention through The Takeout’s coverage. But if it took a PG curse word (not R, not even PG-13) to get the idea out there, we approve! Because wine – and mixing it with foods you love – should be a pleasure and not a pain!

We’re not suggesting you give up pairing. We’re just firmly behind the idea that if you like a certain wine with a certain food, it IS a perfect pairing – for you!

Now go have FUN with it, and leave all that hooey and BS behind!

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