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Another Frosty Wine Treat… Floats!

Another Frosty Wine Treat… Floats!

Recipes , Wine Weirdness 🕔June 28, 2016 0 comments

It’s finally summer! And that means it’s time for floats!



No, not that kind.

Floats! Frosty, refreshing treats made with soda (traditionally root beer, but the possibilities are endless) and a big ol’ scoop of ice cream!


Ahhhh… yes, just like that! Who doesn’t love a sweet, creamy, icy cold float – especially in summer? But, like the slushies we talked about recently, sometimes you want an adult version. Well, FoodAndWine has the solution.

The Kalimotxo Float is inspired by the Spanish drink that combines equal parts red wine and cola.

Sounds interesting.


For a little background, you can check out Marie Claire.

Meet the kalimotxo, the abominable snowman of cocktails. (Because you’ve heard about it before but never seen it IRL and kinda didn’t believe it existed. Get it?)

The recipe is just one part red wine plus one part cola, simple as that.

Now, for a traditional float, you add ice cream. Usually vanilla, but some folks are adventurous.


But unlike the kidstuff soda floats, the Kalimotxo Float is made with mascarpone gelato. Mmmm… as they wrote at FAW,

Three simple ingredients and easy to make at home. Yes, we know what we are indulging in this summer.

We agree. And we know where we can find some fantastic red wines to try it with!

What do you think? Wine floats… or will you stick to the root beer? (Or the wine slushies!) Let us know in the comments!

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