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Animal Rescue


Laurita Winery is proud to host 3 Hearts 4 Paws Animal Rescue at all of our major festivals. We’re also thrilled that more than a dozen dogs and puppies were rescued by Laurita Winery Festival attendees in 2016, and we look forward to helping save even more lives in 2017!

3 Hearts 4 Paws Animal Rescue was founded with love and passion and is dedicated not only to the lives of those we save, but to the so many lives that are lost. We are a NJ non profit organization, and recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization, comprised of volunteers who give selflessly and open their hearts and their homes, as a stepping stone to the permanent home every rescue animal dreams of.  We are not a shelter… each of our rescues are cared for in the warmth of their foster homes, as we help them on their journey waiting for the place they can call their own.

We are primarily a canine rescue, pulling dogs from high kill shelters across the U.S.  Our goal is to save as many lives as we possibly can and to bring an awareness to those around us of the pain and suffering that occurs in puppy mills and the fate that awaits those discarded to shelters.

PLEASE – Spay/neuter and PLEASE…Adopt…don’t Shop! Visit your local shelter, visit the rescue sites…save a life.

All donations are tax deductible.