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5 Uses for Your Empty Wine Bottles!

5 Uses for Your Empty Wine Bottles!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔May 29, 2015 0 comments

Do you have a goal to be more eco-friendly? Do you wish your friends would see you as the crafty one in the group? Maybe you just want people to know how much you love wine! Try one or all five of these ways to reuse your Laurita Winery bottles after you’ve enjoyed everything inside of it!

  • Have tall boots that flop to the side like they’re sad when they’re not on your feet? Keep them happy with a bottle of wine! Your success with this depends on the size of the boot opening and the width of the bottle. When you find the right fit, it’ll be a match made in wine heaven!



  • You don’t have to spend lots of money on kitchen gear to be a master chef. When you have to roll out dough, a wine bottle makes a great companion! We’re not talking about pouring a glass, (although that never hurts.) Whether full or empty, the bottle’s smooth edge leaves a smooth surface on your flattened dough. No lumps or bumps in that crust! *We don’t recommend using a wine bottle to beat the dough as that could get out of hand, literally!

rolling dough

  • Maybe you’re not great at keeping up with watering the garden, or maybe you’re going on a vacation! Either way, the wine bottle waterer will keep your plants hydrated with a different kind of drink! Grab a bottle that uses a cork. Fill the bottle with water, seal it with the cork, drill a hole in the cork, and push the bottle upside-down into the soil so it can reach the roots! The water will slowly leak out, providing a steady drink to your garden!

plant waterer

  • This one requires bottle cutting, but we promise it’s worth it! The upper half a wine bottle can protect candles, such as votives, from wind or curious children and pets, while adding some ambience to your room or yard. Using colored bottles will change the light, of course. Another fun option is to draw on a clear bottle using puffy paint. The candle will project the design from the bottle onto nearby surfaces for an added decoration to the surrounding area.



  • And the easiest way to reuse a wine bottle: as a vase! It may not sound the craftiest way, but at least you’re getting more than one use out of that bottle. Plus, if you don’t decide to decorate your bottle, and keep the Laurita Winery label on, visitors will know what kind of wine to bring to your next party!



If you’re feeling really ambitious, but don’t have enough bottles, you know where to find us!

Share other crafty ways to reuse a bottle by leaving a comment below!

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