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5 Must-Haves for the True Wine-Lover!

5 Must-Haves for the True Wine-Lover!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔May 22, 2015 0 comments

5 Must-Haves for the True Wine-Lover!

  1. The Wine Carrier

wine bag

When bringing wine to an event, keep it fashionable and discrete, if necessary. For women, there are wine carriers that look like stylish handbags and clutches, but what about the male wine-lovers?

Dooney & Bourke has created the picnic tote that can be carried as a crossbody for comfort. The leather look is unisex so males and females can feel confident wearing this one.

db picnic tote

Graf & Lants offers the Quiver, and, yes, it looks like it could hold arrows when it’s not holding bottles. Transport your wine bottle at your hip or adjust the straps for more secure travel. There is also a design to carry TWO bottles. While these versions are not as discrete as others, it will keep your hands free for that cheese platter!

quiver carrier

Because there are many copy cats out there, make sure the wine carrier you choose is designed to keep your favorite white wine chilled and red wine safe from prying eyes. Carry your wine proudly!

  1. Corkcicle: The Original, Air, and ONE

corkcicle one

Not only does this stainless steel icicle keep your white chilled and cool down room-temperature reds, but it comes in 3 different versions! The original Corkcicle looks very much like the name is resembles; it looks like an icicle! After freezing, insert the Corkcicle into your bottle and when ready to pour, pull the your new favorite product about 75% out of the bottle. Unlike the real thing, this wine necessity can be washed (without melting) and then reused.

A step up from the original, Corkcicle Air lets you pour from the bottle without removing your latest wine accessory! The top looks like a cork, but you only need to remove the upper half of it to pour. When opened, the top aerates your drink while you pour, enhancing the aromas and flavor.

Corkcicle ONE is your premium choice! No need to remove anything and risk losing a piece. Flip the top to pour from your favorite bottle.

  1. Electric Wine Opener


For those who love wine, but still haven’t mastered the corkscrew. Never again be teased by a bottle with a broken cork. Like many wine accessories, there is an array of choices out there, but the basics are the same. Charge the opener in its base, plugged into an outlet. Remove from its base and work your wireless opener at the push of a button. This modern take on popping bottles will wow your guests!

  1. A Wine Journal

wine journal

Did you ever taste a wine that blew your taste buds away?!How about one that didn’t sit so well with you? Can you remember the names of either? If not, you may never find that one true wine, or you may keep bumping into the wine you want to run away from! Save yourself the headache (and stomachache) with a wine journal! A true journal made for remembering wines has room to labels!

  1. Laurita Wine!!!

laurita wine

Whether you already have a favorite or you’re new to the wine game, Laurita Winery knows what you need! Wines are made on the premises by expert wine lovers and makers. Our wines are sold exclusively at the centrally located NJ winery and selected off-site festivals. To find the one that tickles your tongue, come in for a wine tasting: sample 6 of our options for $7! Purchase a case of mixed or single blend varietal wines and receive a 10% discount off the case.

Do you have everything on our list? What else do you consider a wine necessity? Share your wine-induced thoughts with us!

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