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5 Interior Design Crafts for the Home…with Wine Corks!

5 Interior Design Crafts for the Home…with Wine Corks!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔July 31, 2015 0 comments

Whether you collect your corks after many (many, many) bottles, or you buy them by the bag at a craft store, crafting with corks is a unique way to bring your love of wine into the design of your home! While cork is the number one object you’ll need for these projects, you’ll also get cozy with your hot glue gun! The other fun part is reusing other design pieces, like pictures frames, to complete each craft. They can be inexpensive new pieces, thrift shop finds, or something you already and are looking to repurpose.

*Before gluing, lay out the corks on your surface to make sure they all fit together, like a puzzle!


Serving Tray:

Give a plain serving tray a new look by hot gluing corks to the inside surface. Cut each cork in half and use hot glue or wood glue to adhere them to the inside of the tray. Leaving the corks whole will make for a shallow tray.


Bath Mat:

Using a non-adhesive shelf liner as the base will keep this craft in place. No need for sealant, this mat will last for months, maybe even a couple of years! The corks will give your feet a mini massage each time you step out of the shower!



Glue brown craft paper to a Styrofoam wreath; this will blend behind the brown corks. Cut one side of each cork at an angle and hot glue to the wreath. Glue one side so the wreath will seat neatly on your door. You can add touches of ribbon, flowers, or other accents using pins

lamp shade

Lamp Shade:

Upgrade a simple white shade by gluing the corks from the bottom up, row by row. Keep a very small space between each cork to really illuminate your craft! You can paint the corks for an added accent to this upgrade; try gold or silver for a classic look.

cork board

Memo Board:

Don’t just BUY a cork board, make it! This craft is similar to the serving tray design, but use a picture frame or a framed mirror as your surface. Pin your “Favorite Wines” list next to a calendar marked with Laurita’s upcoming events!

Share your finished designs with us, as well as some tips and tricks to make the process easier and to keep your craft lasting longer!

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