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3 Incredible Laurita Summer Wine Pairings!

3 Incredible Laurita Summer Wine Pairings!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔May 31, 2015 0 comments

The comforts of summer seem endless: long days, cool dips in the pool, honeysuckles perfuming the air, and an opportunity to sit and relax over a glass of delectable wine. You’ve endured a long and bitter winter and you’re just dying to get outside on that patio or deck. We at Laurita Winery understand completely, and we want you to enjoy the best of summer wine. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with three incredible summer pairings.

Grilled Corn and Bay Shrimp Risotto with Laurita’s Chardonnay Naked 2013


Summer is all about fresh fruits and veggies, with corn and tomatoes being the most popular. But even more tasty is combining those ingredients with grilled shrimp. The most suitable wine for such a quintessential summer dish is our Chardonnay Naked 2013. It’s simple, with tangy fruit flavors and very bright. Priced at a $19 a bottle, it’s a total steal. You’ll definitely enjoy summer much more with Chardonnay Naked. Click here for the Grilled Corn and Bay Shrimp Risotto

BLT With Laurita’s Beachcomber Blush


Next to lemonade stands and ice cream trucks, there’s quite possible nothing that personifies summer like a big old BLT. New Jersey gets its fair share of mockery, but what many overlook in their race to ridicule is our vast vegetable gardens. I mean, we are the “garden state” after all. So if you ever want to treat yourself to a nice BLT lunch, then we recommend pairing it with our lovely Beachcomber Blush. This wine is dark pink in color and delivers a medley of cherry flavors, and only costs $15 a bottle. Oh, and don’t feel guilty about having wine during lunch. Wine lover will understand.

Grilled Sea Bass and Veggies With Laurita’s Barcelona White


It’s common knowledge that white wine tends to pair exceptionally well with fish. And there’s no better fish than Sea Bass. Although farmed fish is perfectly suitable, you should try your hardest to get to a fish market for this type of fish. Unlike the more common and tasteless tilapia, sea bass deserves special attention. When it comes to pairing this dish with a wine, we find that our Barcelona White goes best. As an albarino style wine, barcelona white will make your sea bass taste like heaven. It’s citrus blend goes well with most seafood, in fact. Click here for a great sea bass recipe.

So kick back, relax, and let Laurita be your summer guide.

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