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3 Basic Wine Making Processes That Make Or Break The Wine.

3 Basic Wine Making Processes That Make Or Break The Wine.

Laurita Winery , News 🕔August 25, 2015 0 comments

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Everyone loves popping open a bottle of wine, either celebrate a special occasion or simply to unwind after a long day. But not very much thought goes into to what made that lovely liquid you’re sipping. A winemaker’s touch can hugely affect the resulting flavor of wine, which is why we figured it might be nice to give you an insider’s look into the winemaking process.


The precise moment a grape is picked is perhaps the most significant moment in the evolution of wine. The decision to pick early will result in wines with much higher acidity, lower alcohol and perhaps more green flavors and aromas. However, picking later in the harvest season will produce wines with lower acidity, higher alcohol (or sweetness) and more subdued tannin. In case you’re wondering, tannin is a textural element that makes wine taste dry. It’s all up to the grower and the type of wine they favor, but picking late tends to result in dessert wines.



Another important step in the making of wine is something know as maceration (or “skin contact”). Maceration refers to how long the grape skins touch the juice while it turns into wine. This is also known as cold soaking, which is a process that occurs before there’s any alcohol in the mix. Cold soaking is performed in order to carefully extract color and fruit flavors from the skins without getting any bitter tannin. Essentially, the total time that grape skins touch a wine is maceration time. Red wine fermentation, for example, typically takes two weeks of maceration.





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