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Don’t Get All Salty Over Bad Wine!

Don’t Get All Salty Over Bad Wine! 1

Laurita Winery , Wine Science , Wine Weirdness 🕔January 31, 2017

So you got a bottle of bad (or maybe just-not-so-great) wine. It happens. Well, it doesn’t happen if you’re buying your wine here at Laurita. But it does happen elsewhere, even to us. You’re looking to pick up a little

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Drink More Wine!

Drink More Wine! 0

Laurita Winery , News , Wine Science 🕔January 31, 2017

As though you needed an excuse… Sure, overconsumption can be hazardous, and you may have made some terrible life choices thanks to wine. But drink wine in moderation, and it will improve your life — and your health — in

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Chocolate and Wine for Valentine’s!

Chocolate and Wine for Valentine’s! 0

Laurita Winery , Recipes 🕔January 30, 2017

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you know what that means… chocolate and wine!! Oh, sure. It means love and little flying babies with weapons and cards and sometimes flowers. Yeah. But it also means chocolate and wine! And we saw

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The “Dirty” Side of Wine

The “Dirty” Side of Wine 0

Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔January 25, 2017

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to classifying wine. From the many varieties of grape to the various geographic regions of production, from different traditional methods of harvest and fermentation to the storage and aging process… there are

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This Wine Glass Is Changing The Game!

This Wine Glass Is Changing The Game! 1

Laurita Winery , wine gadgets , Wine Weirdness 🕔January 21, 2017

How did we miss this? This is… this is… GLORIOUS!!! Delish.com reports on the Guzzle Buddy™, ingenious creation of Jennifer Sullivan and Randy Rothfus and originally inspired by a Cougar Town rerun! “…Cox and friends were drinking wine out of

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