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Never Drink Wine Alone Again!

Never Drink Wine Alone Again! 0

Laurita Winery , wine humor , Wine Weirdness 🕔November 30, 2016

We love our pets, don’t we? Of course we do! Nowadays, we get our pets involved in every aspect of our lives, from our fitness routine to our social circles! Well, now you can bring your pet into your love

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Bathe in Red Wine?

Bathe in Red Wine? 0

Laurita Winery , Wine Weirdness 🕔November 29, 2016

Ever wanted to indulge your love of wine to the point of bathing in it? We admit… we never thought about it. But we are now. Conde Nast Traveler reports that there’s a spa inside a castle near Relais La

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Wine Jelly for Thanksgiving

Wine Jelly for Thanksgiving 0

Laurita Winery , Recipes 🕔November 22, 2016

Have you decided? Are you in a panic yet? What are you going to take to Thanksgiving dinner?!? Let’s face it, it matters. We’re no longer at the stage of life where we can just show up and eat. (Sigh.)

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Are YOU a Wine Mom?

Are YOU a Wine Mom? 0

Laurita Winery , wine humor 🕔November 16, 2016

You know what we mean. And we’re not judging. Raising little humans is an adventure. There are certain life experiences that folks without kids just will not be able to relate to. Again, you know what we mean. VinePair offers

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Red. Wine. Brownies. It’s a Thing.

Red. Wine. Brownies. It’s a Thing. 0

Laurita Winery , Recipes 🕔November 9, 2016

You read that right. We’re wondering if your reaction was the same as ours. (Hint: Our reaction was kinda like “Red wine BROWNIES?!? What the–? Where can we–? SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!!!“) Oh, goodness. What you see there

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