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Wave a Magic Wand at That Wine Hangover!

Wave a Magic Wand at That Wine Hangover! 0

Laurita Winery , Wine Science , Wine Weirdness 🕔September 30, 2016

Anyone who loves wine has probably overdone it a time or two. And anyone who’s ever overdone it on wine knows that a wine hangover is the worst. Pounding head, red and puffy eyes, stuffy nose, blotchy skin… Sounds almost

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Experiments with Wine and Color

Experiments with Wine and Color 2

Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔September 27, 2016

We’ve talked about whether the color of wine has any significance as to taste (it does), and how simple things like the size of your wine glass can affect your enjoyment of the wine… Now an experimental psychologist from Oxford

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Wine Fit for Royalty!

Wine Fit for Royalty! 0

Laurita Winery 🕔September 23, 2016

We did a short series recently on how to become a wine god, and the path to wine wisdom. Since you followed us through all the steps along the way and achieved a state of true wine god-hood, we think

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Pairing Wine and Pizza!

Pairing Wine and Pizza! 0

Laurita Winery 🕔September 20, 2016

Whether on fine china by candlelight, or while in your jammies on the couch with a movie, pizza is the almost universal comfort food. Pair that pizza with wine and you have something nearly transcendent. There are single ingredients that

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Don’t Wine About Pairing With Cheese!

Don’t Wine About Pairing With Cheese! 1

Laurita Winery 🕔September 17, 2016

Believe it or not, some people are a little bit intimidated by the quest for perfect pairings. Especially wine and cheese pairings. Are you one of them? We’re not picking on you. We realize that in some circles there’s a

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