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10 Reasons To Drink More Wine in 2015!

10 Reasons To Drink More Wine in 2015!

News 🕔January 8, 2015 1 comment

Not that you really needed any convincing, but in case you did, here are ten fantastic reasons why a glass of wine should be your best accessory in the new year.

1.) It makes any meal taste better.  There’s not much to say here. Take a bite, take a sip, experience bliss. 

2.) It’s all-natural! If you vowed to eat clean this new year, wine should be ever present in your diet. Don’t quote us on that…but we can’t find a reason for otherwise.lauritablogpic3

3.) It can turn bad day into a great day – every time. It can even turn a good day into a great day! Trust us – there’s no better sound than a cork popping after a long day. And the clugging sound you get when pouring wine? Don’t even get us started!

4.) You can cook with it. Open to interpretation.

5.) You’ll get in touch with your crafty side. Don’t you think about throwing away those empty wine bottles! And we guarantee you’ll be able to build something out of all those corks.

6.) You’ll look classy. Well…you will.

7.) There’s a type of wine for every mood you’re in. Even better, there’s a type of LAURITA wine for every mood you’re in!

8.) You’ll always have an excuse to buy pretty wine glasses. Just in case your other 87 glasses break. We wouldn’t want to be short.

9.) You’ll visit Laurita more often! Where else would you rather be anyway?

10.) You’ll visit Laurita more often! See what we did there?!

We hope you’ve poured a glass by now. We’ll catch you when you run out 🙂


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  1. Mariana

    Lovely article! I really enjoyed reading it! You’ve come up with convincing reasons to drink more wine not only in 2015 but in the coming years as well! I especially liked the first argument: it makes any meal taste better. Who can argue that? I’d like to add one you may have missed: it makes any meal special, even the smplest one!

    Reply Mariana 21 December 2015, 12:46

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